About twelve years ago, I was not enjoying life, I was overweight, depressed, and sick of my job. I felt like I was in a black hole and had no way out. I looked at my parents and older brothers and saw the pounds add up over the years. I seen myself heading down that same path. I knew if I was going to have a chance at a happy life, I had to make a lifestyle change for the better and soon!

I started out very simply walking. I would walk around the block, then around the neighborhood. Walking turned into jogging and I started to feel like I was accomplishing something. I next did something that would change my life completely. I joined a local gym and met Neil, my friend and mentor. Neil was the manager/personal trainer of the gym I had joined. He was very thorough in walking me through the ins and outs of the facility. At first, it was very awkward to work out there. I just kind of went through the motions, but Neil was there to answer any questions I had. It was a great help.

I started increasing my visits to the gym and began to enjoy it. Neil and I soon became workout partners and learned how to truly train with a purpose. With hard work and Neil’s guidance, I began loving it. Going to the gym became the highlight of my day. I was getting results and feeling better about myself. I learned what to eat and how to eat properly. I knew that if I wanted to become successful long term, I had to make my own meals. I even discovered a little cooking ability I never knew I had. I never enjoyed cooking but I have learned to like it. I lost over 70lbs and added more muscle than I have ever had. I gained a new perspective on life. I increased my energy levels and had a better outlook on the future. I began to understand that the mind and body are truly one.

About eight months into it, Neil (who is from Ireland) offered me an opportunity to move to Ireland and work at a gym that he and his brother was going to start. I first thought, WOW! Could I make that kind of dramatic change in my life? After a few months of contemplating it, I committed to it. I thought why not? I don't enjoy my current job being a telephone technician. I love to travel. Life is too short to be in a situation that doesn't make you happy.

So I went for it. I quit my job of ten years and bought a ticket. I stayed there for over 3 months and traveled the beautiful country of Ireland. I also managed to go to Holland/Amsterdam, Germany and Italy. I loved it! The one problem was that the gym was not going to plan and I knew I had to come back due to a lack of a green card. I needed the gym to be up and running to acquire it. The whole thing was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn't change anything. It has made me who I am today.

So now, back in the Rice Lake area, I am really enjoying life. I am passing on good lifestyle habits to my family and have become a certified personal trainer. I know now that I want to give back the same joy of fitness that was once given to me. It has become a passion of mine and I know I can pass it on to others. I love to hear stories of personal triumph and want to help people make some of their own.


A few years ago I joined 4Ever Fit as a personal fitness trainer. I've always been active participating in group classes and weight training. However, being active does not alone equate to health. My dad died of heart disease at the young age of 62. It was a difficult acceptance. At that point I decided that would not be my fate if I had a choice, and we all have choices. Several years ago, I came upon 4Ever Fit classes and knew immediately the “fit” was good. I've been witness to what Tony Bergman, owner of 4Ever Fit, provides his clients. His words and actions affected mine. I’ve come to know that without health and fitness, life is just that more difficult. I don't wake up anymore afraid of the day or end my day stressed, ashamed or feeling guilty because of my choices. A choice is power to the body, mind, and spirit. A new beginning starts with acceptance of the reality. We at 4Ever Fit are prepared to help you act on the possibilities.


I have always had a fascination with how the body, mind and breath work in unison to create wellbeing. When I attended my first group yoga class shortly after graduating college, I was immediately hooked. I was a big beach volleyball player at the time, and found that the relaxing yet challenging practice of yoga was a perfect balance to my other rigorous fitness activities. It also helped me quiet my constantly busy-mind and ease some anxieties. I truly believe yoga is something everyone should incorporate into their wellness routine.

I am a 200-hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) certified through Yoga Alliance. I teach everything from gentle yoga to more athletic flow classes. I love introducing students to both the pure, calming side of yoga, as well as the energized, fun side. When not teaching, I am a writer, healthcare community relations specialist, stand-up comedian, volleyball player and mother of two.


We all have that one coercing friend…..Mine landed me in her TRX class at 4EverFIt where I met the owner, Tony. That was over 6 years ago! What started out as one class a week, quickly turned into a membership and a changed LIFE. I say it all the time, “I didn’t even know how bad I felt until I felt better”.

I was unhealthy and unhappy in my own skin. Not only wanting to feel better and look better, but also be a better example for my boys…. I stuck with it. Over the years, the passion for the workout and the 4EverFit Family has grown to be something I cherish.

I started out in college with an Athletic Training major, but figured I wasn’t going to find the type of job I actually wanted and be able to stay close to my family and raise one of my own. I took on a different career path as a Cosmetologist. The itch for personal growth still burned within me. Through many conversations with Tony, a new seed was planted. With him seeing the drive and potential in me, I decided to pursue my certification to teach the fitness classes I love so much. I am blessed with my family, friends and amazing coworkers that have supported me and rooted me on to tackle this next adventure. I am beyond excited to be part of the 4EverFit Team!!!


Fitness and health have been a way of life as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I competed in swimming, gymnastics, and track. I continued swimming in college while getting a degree in kinesiology and physical education. During college I taught fitness classes for the recreational department and at several local health clubs. I’ve worked in WI,IL, and MI teaching in large health club chains and small studios. I led my first class in 1980 and I’m still going strong.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in group fitness over the last 40 years but what remains is the joy of getting to spend time with other people who value their health. That’s what I found at 4Ever Fit. They’re my fitness family.