Bars & Bags: Strength and cardio intervals using a blend of Les Mills weight bars & our boxing bags.

Bosu Blend: A total-body workout on and off the Bosu that will challenge you while offering modifiable exercises to give you a great cardio & strength workout. We will pair the Bosu with other pieces of equipment to keep these workouts varied and fun.

Funky Flow: This 30-minute energized yoga class is set to upbeat music to get your body and breath moving. Flow through a variety of yoga poses and enjoy moments of centering relaxation at the beginning and end of class. Namaste!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Total body circuit class that includes high intensity cardio with resistance blended in. Can be modified for most fitness levels.

Les Mills Core: A scientific-based core workout for toning the core muscles to build strength, stability, and endurance. This class will use resistance tubes, weight plates and bodyweight exercises to target abs, hip, butt & back muscles.

Lunch Express: Get in a 30-minute total body workout over your lunch hour.

Sculpt: A functional, strength-based class that will work every muscle group in your body. We will use free weights and resistance bands as well as body weight exercises in this class.

Stations: A station format will be used to rotate through various pieces of equipment and exercises to “mix things up” in your workouts.

TRX Fusion: A strength-based workout on and off the TRX straps. We will pair the TRX with other pieces of equipment to keep these workouts varied and fun.

Yoga: Find your center, relieve stress, and increase your flexibility. This class is a great way to balance out your fitness program. Namaste.


Team training combines the best of both worlds. We give you the opportunity to train in a small group personal training setting (2-4 people). Choose the number of sessions you want per week, and you can fill in the rest of your days with group classes as a value-added service.

  • 2-4 people per session.

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • MyZone required to purchase at $75 (normally sold for $100)

  • Monthly check-in to review progress and data

  • 50 minute session + 5 minute self warm-up + 5 minute self cool-down

  • Make friends, and work towards your fitness goals alongside others who are working to do the same


One-on-One Personal Training is the most personalized option in training. Workouts are customized to your specific goals, capitalizing on your strengths and improving your weaknesses to maximize your training potential. You have the full attention of your personal trainer for the entire one hour session. I can help you lose weight, gain muscle, tone and shape your body, improve your cardiovascular endurance and help you live an overall healthier life. I will be your teacher….your coach…and your biggest fan, all rolled up in one! It is not just our job to teach you safe and effective exercise, we also own the responsibility of motivating you, pushing you and helping you realize how strong you really are!