Group Class Descriptions

With more than 25 classes per week, we've got a variety of fun and effective workout formats for you to choose from. Check out the class descriptions below for details on what to expect. 

Barre: Designed to strengthen, increase flexibility and  tone muscles, this class combines elements of ballet, yoga & Pilates to sculpt the whole body.

Box & Burn: A fitness blend of cardio, boxing, kick-boxing and weight training exercises using boxing bags and other equipment.

Cardio Strength Yoga (CSY): This class is a creative blend of yoga-inspired flows, short cardio bursts, and strength training exercise all set to fun music. 

Fire: Bursts of cardio and strength to help you burn maximum calories and fat in the shortest amount of time through interval training.

Funky Flow: Flow through a variety of yoga poses and enjoy moments of centering relaxation at the beginning and end of class. Namaste.

Happy Hour: Come start your weekend in a healthy way with this fun, fat-burning class that is sure to raise your heart rate and sculpt your body.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Total body circuit class that includes high intensity cardio with resistance blended in. 

Core: A scientific-based core workout for toning the core muscles to build strength, stability, and endurance. 

Lunch Express: Get in a 30-minute total body workout over your lunch hour.

Sculpt: A functional, strength-based class that will work every muscle group in your body. 

Stations: A station format will be used to rotate through various pieces of equipment and exercises to “mix things up” in your workouts.

Stronger: Cycle through different pieces of equipment while getting a total body workout. 

Sweat: You will do just that in this cardio-based group class that also includes strength intervals.

Yoga: Find your center, relieve stress, and increase your flexibility.  Namaste.