One-on-One Personal Training is the most personalized option in training. Workouts are customized to your specific goals, capitalizing on your strengths to and improving your weaknesses to maximize your training potential. You have the full attention of your personal trainer for the entire session. I can help you lose weight, gain muscle, tone and shape your body, improve your cardiovascular endurance and help you live and overall healthier life. I will be your teacher….your coach…and your biggest fan, all rolled up in one! It is not just our job to teach you safe and effective exercise, we also own the responsibility of motivating you, pushing you and helping you realize how strong you really are!



Training can be more fun when it’s experienced with someone who has similar or even different goals as you do. 4Ever Fit invites you to invite a friend to workout. You and your partner can share in the overall experience of getting fit together. I will create fun, interactive workouts that keep you and your workout partner moving and having fun while getting in shape. The cost is shared by the two participants, making it a budget-friendly option to get a personalized workout with your favorite workout buddy.

Our husband and wife teams are a ton of fun. It’s a wonderful site to see as a bond grows stronger throughout the process. It also raises the accountability another notch. 


FIRE: Bursts of cardio and strength to help you blast maximum calories and fat in the shortest amount of time through interval training. A variety of strength and cardio equipment will be incorporated.

STRONG: Cycle through different pieces of equipment while getting a total body workout. Create the sculpted and lean muscle your body is craving.

FOUNDATION: It’s FUN to be active at all ages! This lower impact class will help you improve your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and balance in an easy-to-follow workout. This class meets the needs of virtually all fitness levels, young and old alike.

PULSE: This circuit based class will have you using a variety of equipment (Kettlebell, TRX, Med ball, and BOSU just to name a few) that will have your heart rate up and challenge your fitness.

SWEAT: You will do just that in this total body strength/cardio class. This is a full body workout that will have your heart pumping and fat shredding.

BARRE: A blend of ballet and dance training, yoga poses, and functional strength training. Improve your flexibility, balance, and core strength while toning your muscles.

WHITEBOARD: We give you the workout on a whiteboard; you go at your pace. A balanced, self-directed workout, targeting all your major muscle groups and gets your heart rate up. Designed to be completed in around 30 minutes.

HAPPY HOUR: No drinks, just endorphin's. Come start your weekend in a healthy way with this fun, fat burning class that is sure to raise your heart rate, sculpt your body!e: Total body circuit class that includes high-intensity cardio with resistance blended in.

  • $69/month single, $99/month couple, and $119/month family for unlimited access to all group classes.
  • Payments made via an automatic deduction from a checking account or credit card on the 15th of each month.
  • To discontinue classes, client must notify 4Ever Fit before the 13th of the month (at least 48 hours prior to when payment would be deducted) to ensure cancellation.
  • 12-month group class package - $759
    • 12 months for the price of 11 months
    • Must be paid in full at time of purchase


Team training combines the best of both worlds. We give you the opportunity to train in a small group personal training setting (1-4 people). Choose the number of sessions you want per week, and you can fill in the rest of your days with group classes and Boost as a value-added service. 

  • 1 day/week + unlimited access to group class 
    • 12-month Contract: $149/month
    • Month-to-Month Contract: $179/month
  • 2 day/week + unlimited access to group class 
    • 12-month Contract: $189/month
    • Month-to-Month Contract: $226/month
  • 3 day/week + unlimited access to group class 
    • 12-month Contract: $229/month
    • Month-to-Month Contract: $275/month
  • 1-4 people per session.
  • Nutritional Counseling (Evolution Nutrition)
  • MyZone required to purchase at $75 (normally sold for $100)
  • Monthly check-in to review progress and data
  • 50 minute session + 5 minute self warm-up + 5 minute self cool-down